Wellness & Vaccinations

As a caring pet parent, you want to do everything within your power to help your four legged friends enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible by your side. The best way to achieve this goal is by making a commitment to ongoing wellness care. One of the best ways to protect your pet is to vaccinate them against serious communicable diseases, and to maintain that immunity throughout their lives with booster vaccinations at appropriate intervals. The Holt Veterinary Clinic offers comprehensive wellness and vaccination services for pets of all ages.

My pet isn’t sick. Do they really need to come in?

Many pet owners make the mistake of believing that veterinary visits are only for the occasion when an animal is sick or has become injured in some way. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Pets are masters at hiding illness and can go months or even years without showing any outward signs of a medical problem. Meanwhile, if that problem continues to go undetected, it has time to develop and worsen, which can be bad news for your loved one.

Wellness care helps us to avoid this scenario by allowing us to both prevent disease and detect it in its earliest stages. This can add years to your companion’s life and improve the quality of those years exponentially.

What is wellness care?

Similar to the annual checkups doctors of human medicine recommend, wellness visits allow us to examine your companion on a regular basis. We use these regular visits to thoroughly check your pet, making sure that his or her body is functioning just as it should be. We’ll examine the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and coat, as well as the heart, lungs and other internal organs. We may also recommend certain routine diagnostic tests to further evaluate your pet’s health.

Wellness visits also provide us with the opportunity to discuss and provide recommendations on a number of important factors in keeping your loved one happy, healthy and fit. These topics include vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition and weight management, behavior and anything else you or the doctor may feel is important. Our wellness services are completely customized to each animal, so you can feel confident that your pet will receive the most precise and effective care available, each and every time you walk through the door.

Getting to know you…

Finally, but equally as important, routine wellness visits provide all of us at the Holt Veterinary Clinic with the chance to become acquainted with you and your pet on a personal level. We believe that the better we know you and understand the unique needs of your pet, the better we will be able to manage his or her health most effectively. We encourage you to use these visits to ask any questions or bring up any concerns that you may have about your pet so that we may discuss them further and put your mind at ease.

You love your furry little critter and want to do whatever it takes to extend and improve his or her quality of life. It starts with a solid foundation of wellness care. Give us a call today to schedule your pet’s next wellness visit and let us help put them on the right path to a lifetime of good health.

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