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Inguna Silavs Fauser


Two adults call me Mom and two children call me Grandma. I’ve had dogs and cats as memorable pets, but admit to a long term affection for chickens. My name is Inguna Silavs Fauser.  I was born in Riga, Latvia during WWII. I grew up on a farm in Sinking Valley, Pennsylvania and in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My husband and I have owned the Holt Veterinary Clinic since 1979. I am the administrator. 

 I met my husband at MSU during my graduate studies in the Dept. of Microbiology and Public Health. While putting “hubby” through veterinary school, I was employed by the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Avian Disease Oncology Laboratory. Yes, the chicken was my “experimental model animal” in my immunology research projects for my Phd. 

 I am a past president of the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Assoc., past board member of the local American Assoc. of University Women, former parent representative to the Holt Schools Curriculum Committee, and a former member of Holt School Band Boosters. 

 It has been my pleasure to facilitate the Holt Lions Club’s Eyeglass missions to Latvia of which there were five, beginning in 2002. I was instrumental in regaining a family farm in Latvia after the down fall of communism. Because I speak Latvian and can navigate the Latvian culture, my husband and I used this as a spring board opportunity to contact Latvian Lions Club members and help the Holt Lions Club sponsor these missions. 

My leisure time finds me heading to the Holt library to fuel my love of books and murder mystery DVD’s. My book club members and I have been together for over thirty years. 

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Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Teresa grew up in the Muskegon area with all sorts of creatures as pets. Since animals were always a part of her life, working in veterinary medicine felt like a natural step for her!

Teresa’s animal career started out by simply caring for neighbor’s pets. Her first real job in the field was at a large boarding kennel, which inspired her to study grooming. She became a professional groomer at a large Lansing-area kennel, then moved to Holt Veterinary Clinic in 2005. Here, she loves working with all the animals and forming a deep, long-lasting bond with pets and owners alike.

Teresa and her husband live with one cat, Grey, who expects them to snap whenever he meows. They also own a rescued poodle, Coach, who prefers to act like a cat and sleep on whatever piece of furniture he desires.

Singing is Teresa’s favorite hobby, having been a member of choirs from elementary school through completing her Bachelor’s degree at Grand Valley State University. Her most cherished memory is of singing at her father’s memorial service. Teresa also boasts the cleanest kitchen in the entire Lansing area!

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Veterinary Assistant

For as long as she can remember, Ranee’s own pets have come to Holt Veterinary Clinic to see Dr. Fauser. After working as a groomer and being exposed to the medical side of the veterinary world, Ranee realized she wanted to work here herself!

Ranee grew up in Holt with her parents, a brother, and at least one pet at all times. One day, a high school classmate of Ranee’s, who had recently graduated from veterinary school and worked with Dr. Fauser, approached her. The classmate knew of Ranee’s interest in veterinary medicine, and encouraged her to spend a day at the clinic. From that moment on, Ranee knew it was the field she wanted to work in.  

Ranee finds it extremely rewarding when she’s able to give a nervous animal a pleasant and anxiety-free experience. She never gets tired of learning new things, and especially likes assisting with surgeries.

Outside of work, Ranee loves cheering on her favorite college and professional sports teams, working around her home, and landscaping her yard. She shares her home with her boxer, Ellie, and eight rabbits that run the house.

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Veterinary Technician, I.T. Specialist

Three of Kay’s favorite things are animals, medicine, and puzzles. She found out that she could work with all three by serving pets and their owners in the veterinary world! 

Born and raised in Michigan, Kay  has happily  cared for the clinic’s patients for the past 31 years.

Kay says that there’s never a dull moment around the clinic. She’s responsible for everything from accounting, spreadsheets, and lab work to dentistry, running the computers, and helping with surgeries and anesthesia. 

Kay is particularly fond of turtles, and is even a state-licensed rehabilitator specializing in native Michigan turtles. She was also heavily involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals affected by the Kalamazoo River oil spill.

At home, Kay lives with several pets of her own: a cat, two Gordon Setters, and multiple turtles and pond fish. When time permits, she likes to read, landscape, and work on her water garden.

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Head Receptionist

Having lived and worked in the Lansing area all her life, Pam retired from the Lansing School District in 2006 and wanted a change. She had a soft spot for animals and always wondered what it would be like to work with them. Now she gets to use her previous experience to help the area’s pets as Holt Veterinary Clinic’s head receptionist!

Pam says that every day around the clinic is a different and challenging experience. She loves learning about veterinary medicine, and continues to be inspired by each and every pet that walks through the clinic doors.

Pam recently rescued two young kittens from the Human Society. She says she now never has a quiet moment at home! They’re particularly good at knowing when Pam needs shoes or slippers, and always manage to bring a pair to her—even if they don’t match!

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Veterinary Assistant

Ever since she was very young, animals have held a special place in Justine’s heart. As the newest Veterinary Assistant here at Holt Veterinary Clinic, she’s extremely excited to meet all of the pet patients who come to Dr. Fauser for care!

Raised on a farm in a small Michigan town, Justine graduated at the top of her high school class before heading to Grand Valley State University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry. In 2014, she was accepted into Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where she is currently living her dream and working towards her veterinary degree. Justine joined the Holt Veterinary Clinic team in the summer of 2015 in order to gain invaluable clinic experience.

Justine and her husband live in Lansing as first-time homeowners. They share their lives with Franny, who found Justine several years ago while she was volunteering at Crash’s Landing Cat Rescue Center in Grand Rapids. Franny has the run of the home and plans on keeping it that way!

In her time away from the clinic, Justine enjoys sitting down with a good book, playing volleyball, working out at the local YMCA, and taking mini-vacations with her husband.

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