Our Practice

Since 1979, the Holt Veterinary Clinic has been serving the people and pets of Holt, MI, at this location, offering comprehensive care with a personal touch. Over the past three decades, we have worked hard to establish our clinic as a place where people and their pets can always feel welcome and right at home. We want visits to the veterinarian to be not just something your dog or cat tolerates, but something that he or she actually looks forward, to and you’ll see us going out of our way to achieve this goal in everything we do.

Our state of the art facility features everything necessary to provide your four legged friend with a lifetime of exceptional care. This includes a well- stocked pharmacy, two in- hospital surgery suites, in- house x-ray capabilities, a closely supervised hospitalization area, and comfortable indoor boarding kennels with spacious outdoor walking areas. Our services are designed to support your loved one from birth through the senior years. Referrals to specialists are available whenever necessary.

The heart of our clinic is our staff. While we are all highly qualified and well experienced in what we do, what really sets us apart is the level of individualized care that we provide. Each one of us has our very own animal family member whom we love to come home to, so treating your pet with a gentle, loving touch just comes naturally to us. It’s not unusual to see us getting right down on the floor with a patient, offering plenty of personal attention and as many tasty treats as it takes to win them over!

Our hospital is managed in a way that makes veterinary visits as stress- free as possible. Appointments are strategically scheduled so as not to have too many pets in the waiting room and we take a number of measures to minimize the physical and visual contact of our patients with one another. Even the way we clean and disinfect our facility makes a difference, because we believe a clean, odor free clinic can help make you and your pet feel much more comfortable while you’re here

We always take our time, getting to know you and your pet on a personal level. We genuinely care about our clients and their pets, and we enjoy putting smiles back on faces, getting tails wagging and hearing those deep throaty purrs. It’s these little things that inspire us to always do our best.

At the Holt Veterinary Clinic, we believe that taking your pet in for veterinary care shouldn’t be a chore, and it should never feel impersonal. We specialize in combining friendliness and comfort with great medicine so that you and your pet can receive the highest level of care while being treated like the cherished members of the family that we truly consider you to be.

We look forward to meeting you and hope for the opportunity to serve you and your pets for many years to come!

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