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Crayfish for dinner anyone?

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Recently I examined a coughing dog that was in for his comprehensive physical examination and vaccinations. A microscopic view of a stool sample revealed a parasite egg that I had not seen since my veterinary college days. This dog had lungworms, which are small roundworms that, as their name suggests, live in the lungs of infected dogs, or for that… Read More »

Vaccinate Your Cat Against Rabies

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Some people refuse to vaccinate their cats against rabies. A common misconception is that if a cat lives indoors, it cannot be exposed to rabies. This is simply not true! The bat, a frequent carrier of rabies, readily gains access to homes. The consequences of exposure to a bat for an unvaccinated cat are dire. If an unvaccinated cat is… Read More »

A Special note about Rabies and Bats

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In Michigan two species of animals commonly carry and transmit the Rabies virus, skunks and bats. Remember that the bat can readily gain access to our homes, and its bite is no more noticeable than that of a mosquito. Whenever you find a bat in a house, catch it and take it to the Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal… Read More »

Holiday Hazards

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Thanksgiving and Christmas: Bones – Turkey, chicken, and other small animal bones are very different from the large bones you find at the pet store. These small bones splinter easily and can cause serious internal damage if swallowed, so NEVER give them to your pet. Hot Containers – Your dog or cat will most likely become curious when they smell… Read More »

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