My Dog Doesn’t Seem Interested in His Food

Your terrier Buster has always surprised you with his huge appetite. This pint-sized playmate often consumes more than dogs twice his size, and he’s always ready to scarf down the cat’s food. Lately, though, your normally hungry dog has left some of his kibbles uneaten, and you’re afraid he’s missing some vital nutrients. You’re also worried that your pooch might have developed a medical condition. Tomorrow, he has an appointment with your Holt vet, who will determine why your dog has lost interest in his meals.

Loading Up on Inappropriate Food

Your crafty dog can convince anyone to give him a treat. Your persistent pooch has also developed exemplary table begging habits, prying food scraps from his victims at every meal. Unfortunately for Buster, eating all these extra calories can result in unwanted weight gain down the road. Also, since he spends considerable time consuming doggie snacks and table food, he might have lost interest in his relatively boring canine rations. Stop these bad habits in their tracks right now.

Poor-Condition Food

Even though you feed your canine housemate a quality diet, you might have missed the food’s expiration date. The mixture might even be spoiled. Either way, your persnickety dog refuses to send those potentially substandard kibbles down to his stomach.

Painful Dental Problems

If Buster has developed an uncomfortable dental condition, he might not enjoy eating very much. Maybe you can see damaged teeth, facial or mouth sores, or a foreign object. Don’t try to get a better look, as he probably won’t cooperate and might get testy. Take your poor dog to the vet, who will safely examine your canine patient and address his dental ailment. Once he’s back in fighting form, his healthy appetite should return.

More Appealing Food

Maybe your dog’s just bored with his food. Make his kibbles more interesting by spooning warm water over the dry blend. Or, ask your vet if adding a touch of warm canned food would be in order. Of course, don’t allow the wet mush to get so warm it burns your pooch’s mouth.

Once Buster returns to his bowl, allow him to eat in peace and praise him afterward. Your Holt vet will be pleased to hear about your canine housemate’s heartier appetite. If your dog seems to be ignoring his food, call us for expert assistance.

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