Super-Special Care for Your Senior Cat

Your ten-year-old cat Arthur is quite a dignified senior citizen. This impressive-looking gray tabby keeps your other two cats in line, and he also regularly monitors your family members. You’d like your feline housemate to remain healthy and active, so your Holt veterinarian will give him regular physical checkups and expert nutritional counseling.

Tasty, Nutritious Senior Diet

While Arthur has gradually become chubbier as he’s aged, your brother’s senior cat has dropped some weight. The vet would like your feline friend to return to a healthier number, as that minimizes the risks of certain medical conditions. The vet will determine your cat’s nutritional requirements, look at his exercise habits, and prescribe a delicious, nourishing diet.

Monitor your feline buddy’s weight daily, using a scale that registers even small changes. If the number suddenly plummets, he might be experiencing a medical problem. Take him to the vet without delay.

Wonderful Brushing Sessions

Arthur’s certainly no feline fool, as he understands the benefits of frequent brushing sessions. Each morning, your favorite cat hops in your lap, purring as you groom his fur and gather loose hair that could result in hairballs. Brushing also stimulates your cat’s skin and heightens his circulation. Both benefits contribute to better coat health. If your senior feline ignores his scratching post, give his claws a good trim, too.

Informal Secret Physical Exam

You’re good at keeping secrets, so your blissfully happy cat doesn’t realize that you’re giving him an informal physical exam during his daily brushings. Run your hands over his skin and coat, searching for anything that doesn’t seem normal. If you suspect a problem, whisk your senior feline off to the vet.

Minimal-Stress Lifestyle

Arthur clearly doesn’t want to become stressed out. If you can’t avoid disrupting your household routine, compensate with more attention for your favorite feline. Before leaving for a vacation or business trip, engage a familiar neighbor, friend, or family member to spoil your cat in their home. Finally, listen to your feline companion’s clearly stated wish: don’t bring any more pets home while he’s in charge of the house.

Your Holt veterinarian will be delighted to see Arthur at least once yearly. The vet will fine-tune your cat’s health program and handle any emerging medical issues. If your senior cat would enjoy a tailored health plan, call us for an appointment.

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