How Dogs Can Improve Your Workplace

Your cocker spaniel Roxie is your canine best friend. Roxie trots along on your neighborhood walks, and she loves to curl up on the couch with you. You’ve often wished Roxie could also accompany you to work, and with your new job, that wish could become a reality. Before you bundle Roxie in the car, though, ask your veterinarian from Holt if Roxie has the temperament to adjust to your work environment. Make sure your favorite canine companion is current on her vaccines; and stock sufficient food, water, and a comfy bed so Roxie can enjoy her visit. Read more about how Roxie can make your workplace more pleasant.

Coworker Camaraderie

Funny how Roxie’s wagging tail and happy kisses can make an uncomfortable situation easier to handle. Perhaps you don’t see eye-to-eye with your coworker, keeping only a nodding acquaintance with her. When Roxie arrives, though, your coworker is the first one to greet your friendly pooch, scratching her behind the ears and breaking into a big smile. Since Roxie has skillfully broken the ice, you find it much easier to talk about work-related issues and even your weekend road trips.

Furry Stress Relievers

Roxie and her canine relatives have stress relief down to a fine art. When your phone begins ringing off the hook, or you have two reports due within the hour and don’t yet have all the data, your stress level goes up considerably. And since your car wouldn’t start this morning, you were late getting to work in the first place, so you’re running behind on your daily tasks.

Here comes Roxie to the rescue! Giving Roxie a belly rub while you wade through phone calls, or scratching behind her ears while you compile your data, might calm you down considerably. In fact, a 2012 study showed that employees’ workplace stress levels actually fell when they had their dogs right there with them. However, coworkers who left their dogs at home, or who didn’t have any pets at all, got even more stressed out.

Longer, Happier Workdays

While you’re not eager to put in longer workdays, Roxie might make you happier about staying late to finish that report or wade through those backlogged emails. Actually, in 2008, a survey of 50 large and small companies showed surprising results. When companies allowed pets at the workplace, employees were happier about working more hours, and they weren’t as likely to miss a day of work.

Before you begin to create a pet-friendly workplace, clear the idea with your manager, and make sure no one has pet allergy problems. When Roxie next sees her Holt veterinarian, you can likely report that your friendly little pooch makes a terrific coworker.

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