Getting Your Puppy Used to His New Collar

Are you just about ready to get your puppy used to taking walks on a leash? First, you’ll need to acclimate him to a collar. Learn how below from a Holt vet.

Choose the Proper Collar

Before you get started, it’s important to make sure you choose the right collar for your dog. A collar that is too small could strain your dog’s neck, and one that’s too big may not work to control your pup’s movements. Take measurements of your puppy’s neck or have a professional give you a recommendation.

Put Collar in Pup’s Environment

First, simply leave the collar lying around in your puppy’s living space. This way, he’ll get used to the smell and sight of it before it’s around his neck. Use chew toys to give your pet an alternative to chewing up the collar!

Start Incrementally

Try attaching the collar and leaving it on for just a few minutes. Take it off and repeat the process later in the day. Over time, gradually increase the amount of time your puppy wears the collar until he’s wearing it almost constantly.

Try Distractions

Many puppies benefit from distractions when trying to get used to a collar. Try using toys, treats, or a play session to distract your pup. Many young dogs are so excitable that they’ll quickly forget about the collar around their neck!

Don’t Reward Whining Behavior

Does your puppy whine and vocalize loudly when first wearing the collar? It’s important to not give in right away! If your puppy whines and then you immediately take the collar off, he’ll know that his complaining gives him what he wants. Leave the collar on through minor vocalizations, and only remove it if your dog seems to truly be in pain or discomfort.

Consult your Holt veterinarian for more collar and leash advice, and ask for a recommendation on the product that would best suit you and your puppy.

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