Three Fun Ways to Exercise Your Cat

Many studies indicate that nearly half of all domestic cats are overweight. If your pet falls into that category, you must get her to exercise in order to shed the pounds! Use these fun suggestions from a Holt veterinarian:

Laser Light

These are small, inexpensive toys that can provide your cat with hours of fun. They shine a laser light when you press a button, displaying an image of an insect, mouse, or other critter your cat might like to chase. Many cats will go after the light for hours, trying in vain to capture it and getting great exercise in the process! Just be careful not to shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes, as the laser could cause retinal damage.

Obstacle Course

Try setting up a makeshift obstacle course in your home for your cat to exercise in. Use couch cushions, pillows, blankets, sheets, chairs, tables, or whatever else you have available and construct a small course. You might even make a family event out of it, using everyone’s help to build the structure. Try hiding treats or toys in the obstacle course to entice your cat to use it. While she’s leaping, jumping, and dashing through the obstacles in search of a reward, she’ll be burning off calories as you watch in amusement.


Think dogs are the only household pets that can take walks outside? Think again! Cats can, in fact, be trained to walk on a leash. You’ll need to purchase a cat-specific harness and leash, though, as a dog collar might hurt your cat’s neck. First, let your cat get used to these new items. Then, try hooking them up to your cat and letting her wander around the house alone. Once your cat is used to the harness and leash, try taking a short trip around the yard. Gradually increase the distance you walk, and in no time at all your cat will be walking around the neighborhood with you.

Consult your Holt veterinary professional for more fun tips on exercising your cat. Exercise time doesn’t have to be mundane—infuse some fun into it as your cat loses weight!

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