Hot Weather Tips for Dog Owners

Your dog is probably looking forward to the hot summer months, when he can get out and run free, enjoying the warm weather to its fullest extent. Make sure he stays safe during the toasty weather, though. Use these guidelines from a Holt vet.

Hydration and Shade

Keep your dog hydrated constantly when the weather is extremely hot, especially if he’s spending time outdoors. Check the water bowl frequently to see if it needs refreshing or refilled. Also make sure there’s a shady area outdoors for your pet to cool off under. If it’s extremely hot, it’s safest to bring your dog inside where it’s air conditioned.

Sun Safety

Never shave a dog in an attempt to make him cooler. Your dog’s coat protects them from overexposure to sun and overheating, so trimming is not doing him a service. You can trim extra-long hair, though. You might also consider applying a dog-specific sunscreen to areas like the nose and tips of the ears, as these areas can be burned by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Asphalt Awareness

Blacktop can heat up to extreme temperatures when the sun bears down on it all day. Since your dog’s body is very close to the ground, asphalt can lead to overheating very quickly. Plus, a dog’s paw pads can easily be burned by the hot surface. Avoid the painful burns and blisters by simply steering clear of asphalt entirely when it’s hot out.

Swimming Precautions

It’s a common misconception that all dogs are good swimmers. In fact, some dogs can’t swim at all, especially short-legged or stubby breeds. If you decide to go swimming with your pooch this summer, stay with him at all times—even if he is an athletic swimmer. Remember to rinse off the coat when you’re done, since salt and chlorine will irritate and dry out the skin and fur if left there.

Parking Rules

Leaving your dog in a parked car during the summer months is a big no-no. Temperatures inside a parked car can heat up quickly, even if the windows are down. Plus, it’s even illegal in some areas to leave your dog in the car.

Your Holt veterinarian can offer more helpful hot-weather tips to keep your dog cool and happy as the summer rolls on. Call the clinic today!

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