When you choose the Holt Veterinary Clinic, you’ll gain more than just a doctor for your animal companion. You’ll have a family, a partnership, and a trusted resource for all of your pet care needs. When you visit with us, you’ll be welcomed with open arms, and your pet will be made to feel comfortable and at ease. It may mean that we offer an extra belly rub or scratch beneath the chin, or a few more tasty treats to really win them over! Our goal is to make trips to the veterinarian a positive experience for everyone!

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    My Dog Doesn’t Seem Interested in His Food

    Your terrier Buster has always surprised you with his huge appetite. This pint-sized playmate often consumes more than dogs twice his size, and he’s always ready to scarf down the cat’s food. Lately, though, your normally hungry dog has left some of his kibbles uneaten, and you’re afraid he’s missing some vital nutrients. You’re also worried that your pooch might… Read More »

    Super-Special Care for Your Senior Cat

    Your ten-year-old cat Arthur is quite a dignified senior citizen. This impressive-looking gray tabby keeps your other two cats in line, and he also regularly monitors your family members. You’d like your feline housemate to remain healthy and active, so your Holt veterinarian will give him regular physical checkups and expert nutritional counseling. Tasty, Nutritious Senior Diet While Arthur has… Read More »

    Picking the Perfect Canine Companion

    You’re ready to take the plunge into dog ownership. You’ve gone into information overload with dog care details; and you’ve bookmarked your favorite beds, toys, and collar/leash combos. When your new companion arrives, you’ll take him (or her) to your veterinarian Holt for a new patient exam and diet recommendations. Now, take some unhurried time to choose your canine family… Read More »

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