When you choose the Holt Veterinary Clinic, you’ll gain more than just a doctor for your animal companion. You’ll have a family, a partnership, and a trusted resource for all of your pet care needs. When you visit with us, you’ll be welcomed with open arms, and your pet will be made to feel comfortable and at ease. It may mean that we offer an extra belly rub or scratch beneath the chin, or a few more tasty treats to really win them over! Our goal is to make trips to the veterinarian a positive experience for everyone!

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    How Dogs Can Improve Your Workplace

    Your cocker spaniel Roxie is your canine best friend. Roxie trots along on your neighborhood walks, and she loves to curl up on the couch with you. You’ve often wished Roxie could also accompany you to work, and with your new job, that wish could become a reality. Before you bundle Roxie in the car, though, ask your veterinarian from… Read More »

    How Your Cat Benefits From a Good Life-Stage Diet

    Your cat Missy might be one of the luckiest cats around. You adopted eight-year-old Missy two years ago, and her poor diet had contributed to some troublesome health problems. With expert assistance from your veterinarian from Holt, you revamped Missy’s diet and began serving her a top-quality cat food loaded with feline nutrients. Over time, Missy’s health stabilized and she… Read More »

    Seasonal Pet Hazards: Autumn

    Now that the hot, humid, sticky days of summer have dissipated, you and your pet are probably ready to relax in the cooler weather. Remember that autumn brings its own set of pet hazards! Beware of the following dangers as discussed by your Holt veterinarian. Insecticides and Rodenticides As the weather chills, insects and small rodents are looking to get… Read More »

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